“You are free to choose your own way of life, but you are not free to choose the results. ” Herbert Shelton

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Herbert Shelton sums up the state of our health succinctly with this statement.  If you are not familiar with who Herbert Shelton was, check him out at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_M._Shelton.

Herbert Shelton believed that great health could be achieved by changing your diet to one of raw foods eaten in proper combinations.

I believe his statement tells us that we can eat whatever we want but don’t expect to get good results unless you are feeding your body your natural diet – alive raw foods.

The state of our health is the direct result of what we eat and drink.  Chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, salt, vinegar, alcohol, coffee, soda, and sugar are some of the things that do the most damage to our bodies.

When we consume these things, our body cannot use them and must get rid of them.  This continual process of getting rid of poisons interferes with the body’s job of keeping us well.

And the result is will always be the same – poor health.  We cannot choose a different result.  Poor eating will always result in poor health.

A diet of raw foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will provide the body ample resources to create health.  The body is able to use raw foods to provide our bodies with all the raw materials it requires to keep us healthy and feeling great!

Are you ready to make a different choice?

What result do you want?

Choose a diet of raw foods to achieve vibrant health.



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