My Food Combining Rules

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1.  Eat fat at your last meal of the day.

2.  Eat fruit alone or before you eat anything else at your meal.

3.  Eat melons alone.

4.  Eat greens with fatty foods.

When I first started with raw foods and learned about food combining, I wanted to turn and run the other way.  I thought, “Why do I have to follow all of these rules?”, “I don’t want too!”, “It’s too hard!”, “It’s too complicated!”, “I’m eating raw foods, isn’t that good enough?”

So I didn’t follow the rules…and eventually I came back to them.  Then I made up the above rules to get me started because I knew that good digestion equals good nutrition and assimilation of nutrients.

We eat food to fuel our bodies; the food must digest and assimilate for our bodies to make use of the food.  This is a key point – our food must be broken down to a form that is usable for the body.  This usable form provides the body with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

If our food doesn’t digest, it is of no use to you

We just wasted our time.  Food that is not digested either ferments or putrefies.  Bet you can guess what happens next….GAS, acid indigestion, etc.

In addition, now the body has to get rid of the mess we created.  This takes a lot of energy from the body and is harmful to the body.  The fermentation is similar in reaction to drinking alcoholic beverages.  We have all heard that drinking can be hazardous to our health.  The putrefaction creates indoles, skatoles, mercaptans, cadaverine, neurine, putrescine, ammonia, methane gas, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and many other poisons.

Why does this fermentation or putrefaction occur?

The simplified answer is; the body has limitations and there are different processes for digesting different foods.

Each food has its own process.  Each food has its own process…yes, I said that twice.

Think about the meals you eat.  How many different foods do you eat at a meal, two, three, four, ten?  Now if each food has a different process and you eat 10 different foods, you are asking your body to do 10 different things at the same time.

I’ll admit that the body is a marvelous machine and can do some amazing things but digesting 10 different foods at the same time is not one of them.  This is a physiological limitation of the body.  Digesting one food at a time is pretty amazing when you know the whole story of digestion.

How did I come up with this list of food combining rules?

  1. Eat fat at your last meal of the day.  I created this rule because fat takes longer to digest than everything else I eat.  If I eat my overt fat at the end of the day, it has time to digest before I eat my next meal, which would be breakfast.
  2. Eat fruit alone or before you eat anything else at your meal.  Fruit generally digests the fastest of any food.  Eating fruit first will prevent it from being held up by other foods that take longer to digest and will help prevent fermentation.
  3. Eat melons alone.  This is one of the standard food combing rules.  I have read that melons digest in as little as 20 minutes.  Eating them alone will also help prevent fermentation.
  4. Eat greens with fatty foods.  Greens such as lettuce and celery combine well with most any food.  They are especially helpful to digest fatty foods such as nuts, seeds and avocadoes.

Eating simply or eating mono-meals will also help you avoid having to worry about food combining.  If you eat fruit for breakfast and lunch and then have a large salad for dinner, you are fairly safe if you limit your ingredients to less than six.  For fruit meals, eat mono-meals or combine fruits that are in season.

Remember eating is about providing fuel for our bodies…that’s it.

Would you feed your car the same way you body?  I think not….we all know what would happen if we put water in our car instead of gas.  Think of your body the same way.  It performs better with better fuel from properly combining our food.

In the end, we have to find a way to make raw foods work for us.  We are supposed to feel good when we eat and feel good from the food we eat.  Don’t make your life too hard by expecting yourself to follow numerous rules all of the time.  Find a solution that works for you!

Books that talk about food combining include:

Nutrition and Athletic Performance by Dr. Doug Graham

Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods also called Raw Revelation by Dr. David Klein



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