Calorie content of raw foods

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To thrive on a low-fat raw vegan (LFRV) diet you need to consume enough calories.

I encourage people to track their calories online at, or All three of these websites have free programs to track your calories each day.

How many calories are enough calories?

Here are some guidelines to follow:

First begin by multiplying your body weight (or your ideal body weight*) by 10.  This calculation will give a rough estimate of your resting basal metabolic rate (BMR).  Your BMR is the number of calories required to operate your brain, organs and all essential functions.

For example if you weight 150 pounds you will need around 1,500 (150 x 10) calories per day.  This is your starting point.

Next you need to determine your activity level.

Healthy athletic active people

Healthy athletic active people will want to consume additional calories in the same amount as their BMR.  This means that a healthy athletic person whose BMR is 1500 would consume 3000 (1500 + 1500 ) calories.

We all want to strive to be in this group.  The reason for this is we need to generate a need for calories because doing so will allow us to eat enough food to meet our nutritional requirements.  Said another way, consuming more food increases the amount of nutrients we take in.  To be healthy we need to get our needed nutrients on a regular basis.

Less active people

If you work  at a job with little physical activity and are relatively sedentary the remainder of you day then add 200 calories to your BMR.

For the 150 pound person this would be a total of 1700 (1500 + 200) calories for the day.  If you exercise, then you will need to add an additional 300-600 calories depending on the length and intensity of your workout.

If your job is more physically active then you will need to add an additional 800 to 1600 calories.

Calorie content comparison chart

Food Calories per 8 ounces Appr. serving
Cucumber 27 1/2 large
Celery 32 3 1/2 12-inch ribs
Romaine lettuce 39 1 small head
Red Pepper 59 1 extra large
Strawberries 73 1 3/4 cups
Grapefruit 95 1 – 3 3/4 inch fruit
Pineapple 109 1/2 pineapple
Orange 111 2 small
Apple 118 1 large
Kiwi 138 3 medium
Mango 147 1 medium
Banana 202 2 medium
Avocado 363 1 large
Sunflower seeds 1293 1.6 cups
Almonds 1311 1.6 cups
Hemp seeds 1320 24 Tbsp
Walnuts 1483 1.9 cups


*Ideal body weight calculation given to me by Dr. Doug Graham:

Ideal varies quite a bit, with physique, social upbringing, and activity choices.
A fairly standard guide is to start from 100 pounds for 5 feet tall, then add 1-4 pounds per inch over 5 feet if you are female, 2-5 pounds if you are male.
That will usually put you near the right range, unless you are of Asian build, in which case you start at 90 pounds.

The above information was taken from The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug Graham



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