FAQ – Why do raw foods work over other diet choices?

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Raw foods work because it is our natural diet.

Our natural diet is the diet we were designed to eat.  All living things have their natural diet and we are no different.

From Ross Horne’s book Health and Survival in the 21st Century, he states, “The study of comparative anatomy and the different natural diets of animals in the wild indicates strongly that the natural diet of early humans consisted predominantly of sweet fruits, and that even though millions of years have passed, the anatomy and digestive apparatus of humans has not changed and is therefore still best suited to fruit as the most suitable food.”

Our bodies were not designed to eat cooked food.

Since raw foods are our natural diet, it is hard to overeat when eating our natural diet of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are not calorie dense foods like cooked and processed foods.  One needs to consume a larger volume of food on a raw food diet as compared to a cooked food diet.  Because you need to eat a larger volume of food you will feel full eating less calories. We still need to be sure to limit our eating of high fat foods like nuts, seeds, coconuts and avocados because these foods are calorie dense.



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