FAQ – Don’t you feel hungry all the time?

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Don’t you feel hungry all the time?

I don’t feel hungry all the time. When I first started with raw foods, I did feel hungry some of the time. There were a couple of reasons for this.

First, I was not eating enough fruit. The people I was talking to kept stressing that I had to eat lots of greens to stay healthy on the raw diet. The problem with eating greens is that green vegetables and salads do not have many calories. Therefore, I was trying to eat many greens and didn’t eat enough fruit.

Second, no one talked about the volume of food I needed to eat and even when they did, it was a hard concept for me to understand.

For example, a small McDonald’s hamburger, a small french fries and a small regular soda for dinner is a total of 745 calories. You would have to eat seven medium size bananas to get that many calories. If you put the seven bananas next to the burger and fries, you can see that you have to eat more food on a raw food diet to get the same amount of calories.

I got better at understanding the amount of food I needed to eat after reading Dr. Doug Graham’s book, The 80/10/10 Diet and participating in his diet-coaching program.



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