FAQ – Can I really eat only one food for a meal?

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Yes, you can!

This practice is also known as mono eating or mono meals.

What are the benefits of eating one food at a meal?

  • Ideal digestion, absorption and assimilation, which equals maximum nutrition.
  • Mono eating also helps prevent over eating.  Eating a variety of foods at a meal increases the chances of overeating as each food stimulates the appetite with its own unique taste sensation.  You may feel satisfied but if another food is introduced your appetite is once again aroused.
  • Eliminates indigestion…unless you eat too much.
  • Conserves energy.  We have all had that tired feeling after eating a big meal.  This is because the body is working hard to digest all of the different foods we have eaten.  Eating one food at a time does not tire our body so we can use this energy to do something else…get more done or have some fun!

What about variety?

  • Traditionally we are taught that at every meal we need to include a variety of foods to meet our nutritional requirements.  This is not true.  Variety is obtained over time (can be as long as a month or two) not at every meal.
  • Fruits are complete as is.  Fruits contain almost all of our needed nutrients in the correct proportions.  The body anticipates and prepares for our future needs and has the ability to store need nutrients for future use.
  • Variety in our meals is hard on the body.  Digestion is difficult so this leads to poor absorption and assimilation.
  • Animals traditionally eat one food at a time until they are full and we can too.

How do I get started?

Try one of the following.  Eat until you are satiated – your hunger is satisfied.   The goal is to be able to eat enough fruit to satisfy yourself until your next meal.

  • 4 or 5 bananas
  • 4 or 5 cups of grapes
  • 4 or 5 cups of sliced mangoes
  • 10 Cups diced watermelon

I no longer prepare food or drink with more than one ingredient.  Cyra McFadden



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