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How I got started with Raw Foods

My raw food journey began in the spring of 1999.  I had heard a speaker at our local vegan restaurant explain what raw food was.  When I left the restaurant that night, my life had changed.  I knew that the raw food diet was the right diet for me.

The speaker said two things that felt really good to me.

The first was that I could eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and be healthy.  I did not have to eat from the four food groups or the food pyramid.  This was so great because I really liked to eat fruit and vegetables and someone had just given me permission to do it!

The second thing the speaker talked about was enzymes.  He explained that enzymes are needed to digest our food and each food comes with its own enzymes.  He also said that when we cook or process food we kill the enzymes.  Enzymes are destroyed at 118 degrees.  When we consume food whose enzymes have been destroyed, our body has to work harder to digest the food.  Since the purpose of eating and digestion is to nourish the body, I thought I should use the perfect enzymes that come with the food I was eating.  Otherwise, I was not getting the best nutrition from my food.  I have since learned that this may not be true.

I went home that night pretty excited about what I had heard.  I had my Mom get me a copy of The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe for my birthday.

I started my raw food journey that summer after reading some of the book.  Along the way, I started to feel cold all of the time and didn’t know why.  I went to see a doctor and when I told him about my diet he said to me, “You can’t do that!”  He also told me I had a problem with my thyroid and prescribed some medication.

My journey did not last too long and by winter I was back to eating my previous cooked food diet.  I also stopped taking the thyroid medication because it started to cause my heart to race.

What I didn’t know was that I was cold because my body was not working as hard as it had in the past to digest cooked food thus generating less heat.  In addition, my thyroid was healing itself, I just should have waited a little longer, and the problem would have fixed itself.  I thought there was something wrong with me and what I have learned since then is that what was happening to me was a good thing.

After my failed attempt, I started to read and learn more about raw foods.  The next spring I decided that I wanted to try again.  This time I was successful.  By the end of the year 2000, I was completely raw most of time.

After Raw Foods

Shortly after being completely raw, I started to notice that I was feeling so much better than when I was eating cooked foods.  I was sleeping an hour less every night and had more energy.  I didn’t have headaches or migraines any more.  I used to keep a bottle of Advil in all three bathrooms in the house, in my desk drawer at work, in my gym bag, in the glove compartment in my car and in my purse.  I couldn’t go anywhere without it.  I stopped having spontaneous bloody noses.  I started having shorter periods.  Now I don’t have hot flashes.  I don’t have the constant congestion and mucous like I used to.  I am never sick or get the flu.  I don’t have earwax.  I do not have to worry about my cholesterol anymore!  I was always worried about this because it was borderline high.  My Dad had a heart attack in his 40’s.  I didn’t want that to happen to me.

I never thought of myself as an unhealthy person and still I was feeling so much better.  This reinforced to me that what I was doing was the right thing.  It also made we realize that all of the things that we think are normal, things like colds and headaches are NOT normal.  We are not healthy if we are experiencing these kinds of things.

Continuing My Education

Since going raw, I have continued my own personal study by reading books, magazines and on-line articles.  I have received 80/10/10 coaching from Dr Doug Graham.  I have tried super foods, done an intense cleanse, wheatgrass juicing, sprouting, and green smoothies.  I have attended two of David Wolfe’s raw food retreats in Arizona in 2000 and 2001 to learn about raw foods and how to implement this change in my life.  I have also attended Steve and Chris Ketter McDiarmid’s retreat at Shakti Meadow, Annapolis Missouri.

I graduated from the University of Natural Health in June 2011.  I am a Certified Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.

All of my experience and research continues to reinforce my belief that the raw food diet is the right diet for our health and the health of our planet.

Let me help you find your best health ever. ~ Sue